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All of the clinicians at TA are part of the practice for a few reasons: They recognize the need for culturally resonant and relevant practice, they actively center the margins (take up more space the more marginalized identities they hold and take up less space the fewer marginalized identities they hold), and are passionate about continuing to grow their expertise in trauma treatment every day they practice.

This is the work we do here at TA.

We look forward to doing it with you.


Practice Management


Rebecca Davis,MA, LCSW, LiCSW, SEP (she/her)
Founder + Owner

Rebecca is a biracial (Black and Indigenous), queer individual living in Portland, OR. In the past, she has worked primarily with foster youth and their families, and survivors of childhood sexual abuse/assault. When working as a clinician, she utilizes Somatic Experiencing (TM), psychodynamic psychotherapy, trauma-centered psychotherapy (TCP), and drama therapy. Rebecca is also co-directing artic LLC, an Assistant Professor of Practice at Portland State University, and providing peer consultations on dissociative disorders/the impact of pre-verbal trauma. She is a research affiliate at SPHERE, at PSU. She is the lead trainer for Trauma-Centered Psychotherapy (TCP), offered through the Post Traumatic Stress Center in New Haven, CT. She also runs a drama therapy training institute in Developmental Transformations, called DvT PDX.

Rebecca is not taking any clients at this time.

Rebecca provides training therapy for Developmental Transformations and Somatic Experiencing providers at the Beginning level, as well as trainings in Trauma Centered Psychotherapy (TCP). If you are a clinician in training hoping to consult with or experience training therapy from Rebecca, please see the Trainings + Consultations page.


Shea Lowery, MS, LPC, LCADC, ACS (she/her)
Clinical Supervisor 

Shea is a white, queer trauma therapist living in Philadelphia, PA and working across coasts. Shea specializes in providing anti-racist, trauma informed clinical supervision for counseling and marriage and family interns working towards licensure. Shea has a long history of working with system-bound youth, particularly young people in child welfare services and juvenile justice systems. She uses embodied methods of trauma healing including EMDR and yoga, as well as art therapy. Shea's caseload is fully telehealth-based, and Shea has a high level of expertise in creating a safe therapeutic space across the internet.


When not supervising staff at TA, Shea is a clinical supervisor at Family Ties Counseling Center and a co-director and co-founder of artic LLC.


Shea is not currently accepting therapy clients at TA, however she is available for new supervisees for both individual and group supervision towards LPC and LMFT licensure. To receive supervision from Shea, please navigate to the Trainings + Consultations page.


Dr. Thaen Saelee, Psy.D (she/her)
Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Saelee is a licensed clinical psychologist and an EMDR Certified Therapist. She has been providing direct services to children and adults for the last 15 years. Her clinical focus is in helping people work through trauma. She has a long history working with BIPOC communities and individuals with highly marginalized and underserved backgrounds. She identifies as a third culture psychologist, a refugee and a survivor of the Secret War.


When not supervising staff at TA, Dr. Saelee is providing therapy and training at Avid Counseling Services. She is also a founder of Motivational Parent, a non-profit that promotes parenting education and training using Motivational Interviewing strategies.


In her free time, she loves wildcrafting, foraging, gardening, fishing and rock hounding with her 4 kids and husband. 

**Dr. Thaen is not available to see clients through TA at this time. For information regarding her practice, please reach out to the practice.

minnie image.jpeg

Minnie Blackman, LCSW (she/her)
Clinical Intern Supervisor

Minnie is a Licensed Social Worker with a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Rutgers University. Minnie is passionate about healing work and is inspired by the resilience and the capacity for healing she has found in the folks she has had the privilege of working with.


Minnie has experience working with individuals, groups, and families seeking support for trauma-related issues, anxiety disorders, LGBTQIA issues, substance use, and interpersonal relationship difficulties. Minnie has worked with all ages and a variety of populations, and often employs interventions such as Internal Family Systems, Narrative Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, and Mindfulness skills to empower her clients to meet their personal goals.


Minnie believes that investing in the therapeutic relationship and providing safety, consistency, and compassion to her clients are the keys to growth and transformation. Minnie prides herself on her capacity to have collaborative, mutually respectful, and at times silly, relationships with her clients, colleagues and friends. Minnie is an art lover, and enjoys drawing and painting in her free time.

**Minnie is available to see clients in New Jersey and is working to build Therapy, Altered services in the NJ/PA area

Shoes on Display

Jenjee Sengkhammee, Ph.D. (she/her)
Clinical Supervisor 

Bio in progress!

Jenjee is not currently accepting clients through Therapy, Altered, though she may be accepting supervisees. Please contact her directly to inquire at: 

Clinical Staff

Frankie headshot.JPG

Frankie Forrester (they/them), Counseling Associate

Frankie is a Black, queer, nonbinary person who is also a transracial adoptee. Frankie believes learning is a continuing process that can look a number of ways over the course of one’s lifetime.

Frankie holds a Bachelor of Arts in social anthropology and a Master of Arts in Teaching. After receiving the latter degree, Frankie spent two years as a licensed teacher in an elementary charter school. Frankie is a recent graduate of Portland State University and completed their clinical internship with Therapy Altered. They have now stepped into a full time role as a postgraduate clinician.

In their free time, Frankie enjoys being out in nature including hiking, snowshoeing, and camping. Frankie is an intrepid animal lover who enjoys spending time with their horses River and Tito, their dogs Onyx and Lapis, and any other nearby creatures. Frankie loves sharing the healing power of animals with humans of all ages. Frankie also enjoys indoor activities such as drawing, writing, cooking, video games, reading, and napping.


Olivia Bormann (she/her), Clinical Social Work Associate

Olivia is a queer, biracial (Black/white) femme living in Portland, Oregon. She is a Clinical Social Work Associate with a master’s degree in social work from Portland State University. She believes people heal when they are in right relationship with their communities. 


Olivia has experience working with adults from a variety of populations seeking support for PTSD, trauma-related issues, grief, loss, depression, and anxiety. Some themes we would likely explore are: What are the stories we tell ourselves? How are those stories supportive and how would we benefit from reauthoring them? How are we impacted by systems and exert agency as we navigate those? What are your “shoulds”? Where did they come from? Do they support you now? How can you tolerate the space between who you are and who society says you should be?


Olivia enjoys cooking, playing touch rugby, and staying up late reading books. 

SSEM_H21_101921_Mariah Beltran_A7R4_MS_001-Edit-V.JPG

Dr. Mariah Beltran (she/her), Psychologist Resident

Mariah is a Chicana, queer woman living in the PDX area. She is a psychologist resident with a doctorate in clinical psychology from Palo Alto University. Mariah has experience working with individuals seeking support for trauma-related concerns, anxiety, depression, body-image concerns, identity development, and the spectrum of relationship concerns.

Mariah has worked with all ages, though specializes in young adulthood/adulthood. Additionally, Mariah has worked with a variety of populations including, queer folx, trans/gender-expansive folx, and BIPOC folx. She specializes on the experiences of women of color, in particular – Latina/e women.

As a Chicana feminist psychologist, she utilizes a client-centered approach often utilizing interventions from Psychodynamic therapy, Interpersonal therapy, and Emotion-Focused therapy. Mariah believes that no human lives in a vacuum and paying attention to the various systems of oppression (e.g., racism, heterosexism) and how they impact individual’s experiences is necessary for co-creating a safer space for client’s to work towards their ideal health and finding their empowerment. Mariah aims to infuse every session with empathy, curiosity, compassion, collaboration, and a little bit of humor (some sessions it is a lot of humor).


Outside of the therapy room, Mariah focuses on her practices as a Witch, plays video games, crochets, reads to all the fantasy & mystery books she can, and enjoys time with her pets Luna, Artemis, Apollo, and Nyx. 

Jey Headshot.jpg

Jey Jang (she/her), Counseling Associate, Music Therapist

Jey is a first-generation Korean-American woman who understands firsthand the challenges of living with marginalized identities and navigating between different cultural values and expectations. With her 12+ years of clinical experience in the mental health field, she provides a unique blend of trauma-informed psychotherapy with integrated healing modalities. She is specialized in helping people find calm in a turbulent life where individuals may experience trauma, loss, identity crisis, relationship conflicts, and serious mental health symptoms of depression, anxiety, addiction, and PTSD.

Jey believes in the healing power of compassion, genuine curiosity, and acceptance of the authentic self. She has been helping people who struggle with self-criticism, overwhelming worries and anxiety, lack of motivation, and conflicts (within and with others) regarding questions of identity, lifestyle, values, and purpose in life. Throughout the therapy process, clients report an increased sense of connection (within and with others), a sense of control over their lives, and attaining a calm state of mind, body, and spirit.

Jey has a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of San Diego and a bachelor's degree in Music Therapy from the University of Iowa. Jey is fluent in Korean and would love to serve Korean folx in Oregon.

Jey practices self-care via nature walks with her dog, art journaling, and exploring Portland's food scene with her loved ones.

New Beige Sneakers

Dani Drake (they/them), Marriage and Family Associate

Full Bio coming Soon!

Desired populations: Middle school-aged and up, individuals or families. 

Clinical Intern Staff

Robert Dyer Headshot Option 2.jpg

Robert Dyer (he/they), MFT Intern

Robert is a white, queer person living in Portland and in the third year of their master’s program at Lewis and Clark. They are pursuing their degree in Marriage, Couple, and family therapy with the goal of being a licensed marriage and family therapist in the states of Oregon and California.


Robert employs a blend of solution-focused and narrative therapy. He believes that we as humans are all capable of growth and naturally move towards growth within our lives. Unfortunately, this growth can often be impeded by larger systemic factors that are outside of our control. Therapy can be a place in which we can find ways to move through and around these factors and still foster growth within our lives. He brings a positive strengths-based approach to the therapy space that will help grow the client’s confidence that change is possible. 


In their free time, Robert enjoys being out in nature, specifically in the form of climbing or body surfing. On top of this they also equally enjoy getting staying home and playing video games or board games with friends. They have a cat named Morticia, who they affectionately call Mort. 


Navya Janapati (she/her), Counseling Intern

Navya identifies as a South Indian-American, cisgender, able bodied woman. She is currently a third year student, earning her graduate degree in mental health counseling at Lewis & Clark College. Her clinical experience as a student thus far has been with individuals and couples.

Her theoretical interests lie in relational cultural theory (RCT), internal family systems model (IFS), and an acceptance and commitment (ACT) perspective. This means she supports clients in their exploration of the influence of relational experiences and sociocultural context while remaining focused on their self-identified values and goals. She says, "I find it is important to build acceptance of ourselves as a whole being, to heal from shame and self-doubt and to give ourselves some grace. I especially want to emphasize building safety in the room for you to come as you are." She offers a non-judgmental and compassionate space wherein you will work together to process your journey.

When not being a counselor, she enjoys dancing until all her limbs are sore, trying new restaurants, and enjoying great food! She loves cooking at home too, and is a huge Bollywood movie fan. She also loves to read fiction (these days it’s mystery, fantasy, and some intricate family stories).

IMG_1387 (1) (1).jpg

Kennedy Hanson (they/she), Counseling Intern

Kennedy is a queer, multiracial (Black, Indigenous, and white), and genderfluid person living in Portland, Or. They are in their third year at Portland State University and are seeking to get their degree in Relationship and Family counseling.

Kennedy believes that healing and meaning making is done among community. Kennedy was drawn to the field of counseling through their work as a community organizer whose main focus was healing through alternative means (gardening, reading, art, etc.) and indigenous based practices.

They work with individual clients or folks in dyads or triads who are in relationship; whether it be romantic, platonic, or a familial system. They draw on the theories of Gestalt, Somatic IFS, and Narrative Therapy. They value experiential techniques and being flexible with the clients comfortability and needs.

They prioritize clients who identify as Queer, Trans, and/or Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. When Kennedy is not doing therapy they are doing community organizing, playing board games with friends, watching anime, reading, or taking a nap. They also spend a lot of time cuddling and staring at their dog, Stokely

Fees: $0-$60

Candace Roberts (she/her), Social Work Intern

Candace is a biracial (Filipina/white), cisgender, currently able-bodied woman living in Portland, Oregon. She is currently a graduate student at Portland State University pursuing her master’s in social work, hoping to become a licensed clinical social worker. Candace has experience working with individuals with physical disabilities as an in-home care provider. She strives to practice from a client-centered, strengths-based approach.

Candace believes individuals are the experts of their own experiences and greatly appreciates the challenges and struggles clients have faced and overcome before entering therapy. She is curious about how societal forces impact how individuals think and feel about themselves and how this influences their healing journey. Candace hopes to build compassionate, collaborative relationships with her clients to provide a space where clients feel they can be themselves.

Candace loves curling up on her couch in her free time with a good book, a warm cup of tea, and her pets, Ruby and Chai.

Fees: Sliding Scale $0-$60

688848CC-794B-42F8-BD43-38323375C4A4 (1).heic

Kris Onshus-Womble (she/they), Social Work Intern

Kris is a white, queer person of settler ancestry who grew up in the woods outside of The Dalles, Oregon. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon and is working on their Master of Social Work degree at Portland State University.


Kris is personally aware of the impact that trauma can have on a person's relationships with themselves, other people, their community, and the ways in which they navigate the world. Living with trauma often adversely impacts our ability to feel safe with others, increasing our sense of isolation and our vulnerability to harmful systems. Kris believes cultivating a sense of community is crucial to both healing from trauma and building resiliency/resistance to systemic oppression. Tending to the relationship we have with ourselves is an integral part of this dynamic. 


Kris draws on Somatic Experiencing, IFS, Narrative Therapy, Liberation Psychology, Critical Race Theory, Attachment Theory, and decolonial studies to guide their practice. Kris centers the perspectives and goals of their clients and believes that client feedback supports a strong therapeutic alliance. Kris would love to work with queer people, people from rural areas, adolescents, young and older adults, people who’ve experienced houselessness/homelessness, those experiencing toxic shame, and anyone who feels “stuck in their own head”.


Outside of her practice, Kris enjoys spending time in the woods or at the coast, eating good food with friends, curling up at home with a craft project she may or may not ever finish, and watching birds with her cats, Wubby and Fae.


Fees: Sliding Scale $0-60

Interested in Joining our Clinical Team?
Thanks for your interest. Please check back later.

At this time, we are not currently hiring for any positions, including student interns. Thank you for your interest in our team and check in with us at a later time.

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