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All of the clinicians at TA are part of the practice for a few reasons: They recognize the need for culturally resonant and relevant practice, they actively center the margins (take up more space the more marginalized identities they hold and take up less space the fewer marginalized identities they hold), and are passionate about continuing to grow their expertise in trauma treatment every day they practice.

This is the work we do here at TA.

We look forward to doing it with you.


Practice Management


Rebecca Davis,MA, LiCSW, SEP (she/her) Founder + Owner

Rebecca is a biracial (Black and Indigenous), queer individual living in Portland, OR. In the past, she has worked primarily with foster youth and their families, and survivors of childhood sexual abuse/assault. When working as a clinician, she utilized Somatic Experiencing (TM), EMDR, and drama therapy to support her clients in healing. Rebecca is currently running TA, presenting at conferences, hosting workshops across the country both individually and through artic LLC, supporting future social workers as an Assistant Professor of Practice at Portland State University, and providing peer consultations on dissociative disorders/the impact of pre-verbal trauma. She also runs a drama therapy training institute in Developmental Transformations, called DvT PDX.

Rebecca does not see clients and does not have an available waitlist. Please see the other clinicians on our wonderful staff for skilled support.

If you are a clinician in training hoping to consult with or experience training therapy from Rebecca, please see the Trainings + Consultations page.


Shea Lowery, MS, LPC, LCADC, ACS (she/her)
Clinical Supervisor 

Shea is a white, queer trauma therapist living in Philadelphia, PA and working across coasts. Shea specializes in providing anti-racist, trauma informed clinical supervision for counseling and marriage and family interns working towards licensure. Shea has a long history of working with system-bound youth, particularly young people in child welfare services and juvenile justice systems. She uses embodied methods of trauma healing including EMDR and yoga, as well as art therapy. Shea's caseload is fully telehealth-based, and Shea has a high level of expertise in creating a safe therapeutic space across the internet.


When not supervising staff at TA, Shea is a clinical supervisor at Family Ties Counseling Center and a co-director and co-founder of artic LLC.


Shea is not currently accepting therapy clients at TA, however she is available for new supervisees for both individual and group supervision towards LPC and LMFT licensure. To receive supervision from Shea, please navigate to the Trainings + Consultations page.

Clinical Staff

Dr. Thaen Saelee, Psy.D

Bio Coming

minnie image.jpeg

Minnie Blackman, LCSW (she/her)

Minnie is a Licensed Social Worker with a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Rutgers University. Minnie is passionate about healing work and is inspired by the resilience and the capacity for healing she has found in the folks she has had the privilege of working with. Minnie has experience working with individuals, groups, and families seeking support for trauma-related issues, anxiety disorders, LGBTQIA issues, substance use, and interpersonal relationship difficulties. Minnie has worked with all ages and a variety of populations, and often employs interventions such as Internal Family Systems, Narrative Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, and Mindfulness skills to empower her clients to meet their personal goals. Minnie believes that investing in the therapeutic relationship and providing safety, consistency, and compassion to her clients are the keys to growth and transformation. Minnie prides herself on her capacity to have collaborative, mutually respectful, and at times silly, relationships with her clients, colleagues and friends. Minnie is an art lover, and enjoys drawing and painting in her free time.

**Minnie is available to see clients in New Jersey.

Clinical Intern Staff

sage headshot.jpeg

Sage Ortiz (she/they), MSW Intern

Therapy can serve as a tool on a path toward self-liberation; I have experienced this in my own therapeutic work. I am a Latinx, indigenous, queer, and trans individual. I sit at the intersection of many identities and lived experiences. My background prior to becoming a therapist was in issue advocacy, community organizing, refugee resettlement, resource mobilization, and public policy. My background as a therapist includes working with complex and persistent trauma, grief support, aiding adults with co-occurring disorders in residential settings, and working with families, children, and teens in crisis. I draw on all of these experiences to support you to meet your goals and needs. 


I utilize a blend of modalities including somatic parts work, Internal Family Systems, mindfulness, meditation, liberation psychology, Satir Family Systems, and cognitive behavioral therapy. 

I am deeply committed to anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices. I hope to meet you exactly where you are and to serve as a compassionate witness to your healing journey. In our time together I hope to learn from you, grow with you, and support you in achieving the freedom and growth you deserve.

corrine headshot.jpeg

Corrine Nightingale (she/her), Counseling Intern

Corrine is a third-year master's student in Portland State University’s Counselor Education program. She is in the Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling specialty track, which focuses on serving disabled individuals and people who experience chronic illness.


Corrine identifies as a biracial (Chamorro and white), cisgender woman who is currently able-bodied. She believes that recognizing how identity and systemic oppression through factors like ableism, white supremacy, toxic masculinity, and capitalism, have impacted an individual’s lived experience is essential when cultivating an open and collaborative relationship. Creating a safe space for clients to show up as their authentic selves and feel empowered to define their own therapy experience is another important element in Corrine’s practice. Counseling frameworks that Corrine draws upon in her practice include person-centered and relational-cultural theory.


In her free time, Corrine enjoys playing video games, voraciously consuming anime and manga, experiencing the outdoors, and submitting to the will of her cats.

Kombai Headshot.jpeg

Kombai Nonnarath (she/her), Counseling Intern

Kombai is an able-bodied neurodiverse cisgender woman who survived war and trauma as a Lao refugee. With lineages in Buddhism and Shamanism, and a commitment to collective liberation, she is called to honor all parts of you, illuminate your wisdom and strengths, and help heal deep-rooted wounds. 


A traveler in many ways, Kombai has an insatiable curiosity on how we relate with our authentic self and each other. With a balance of intuition, compassion, directness, and humor, she offers affirming spaces for you to explore and be. Her therapeutic approaches are insight-oriented, strengths-based and collaborative including, but not limited to, Internal Family Systems (IFS), mindfulness, inner child work, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and expressive arts. 


For restoration, Kombai is found either meditating at home, sharing meals with loved ones, or recreating in open nature spaces.

Frankie headshot.JPG

Frankie Forrester (they/them), Counseling Intern

Frankie is a Black, queer, nonbinary person who is also a transracial adoptee. Frankie believes learning is a continuing process that can look a number of ways over the course of one’s lifetime.

Frankie holds a Bachelor of Arts in social anthropology and a Master of Arts in Teaching. After receiving the latter degree, Frankie spent two years as a licensed teacher in an elementary charter school. Presently, Frankie is a third year graduate degree student from Portland State University interning at Therapy Altered.

In their free time, Frankie enjoys being out in nature including hiking, snowshoeing, and camping. Frankie is an intrepid animal lover who enjoys spending time with their horses River and Tito, their dogs Onyx and Lapis, and any other nearby creatures. Frankie loves sharing the healing power of animals with humans of all ages. Frankie also enjoys indoor activities such as drawing, writing, cooking, video games, reading, and napping.

TA Bio Pic Paola.jpg

Paola Pereira (she/they, ella/elle), MSW Intern

Paola is a queer, first-generation, Brazilian-American who approaches therapy with the belief that we are all interconnected, and that collective liberation is cultivated by healing through our bodies, relationships and communities.


They see culture, art, stories, and connection to land and ancestors as guides to this process. In therapy, they strive to create a space dedicated to your needs, traumas, struggles and desires, that can allow for self-exploration and (re)connection to your own wisdom and power. The interventions they utilize in therapy are guided by the person’s unique needs, and often involve somatic, narrative and mindfulness practices.

Paola has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and they are currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work at Portland State University. However, the bulk of their learning has been through living, working and organizing alongside communities who experience and resist ongoing violence, marginalization and oppression. They are fluent in Portuguese and proficient in Spanish. In their free time, they take every opportunity to be outdoors and love to spend time with dirt-covered hands in their garden. They find joy in dancing, reading, sharing meals and laughing with loved ones. They recognize that there are so many barriers to accessing therapy, and they honor and celebrate the effort you have made to make it here. 

Interested in Joining our Clinical Team?

We're Hiring Associates and Interns!

If you're interested in joining our clinical team as an associate (which means you have already achieved your graduate degree in Marriage + Family, Counseling, Social Work, or Psychology, please reach out with a cover letter and your resume. Click the link below, to the left. 

If you're interested in joining our clinical team as a student intern (which means you are still in the process of achieving your graduate degree) please reach out with a cover letter and your resume. Click the link below to receive the application packet and learn more about the application process.

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