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Rebecca Davis, LiCSWA, MA    Founder

Rebecca is a biracial (Black and Indigenous), queer trauma therapist living and working in Portland, OR. In the past, she has worked primarily with foster youth and their families, and survivors of childhood sexual abuse/assault. She uses EMDR, Somatic Experiencing (TM), and drama therapy to support her clients in healing. When out of her office, Rebecca is presenting at conferences and hosting workshops across the country, training future therapists at colleges and universities including Portland State University, and providing consultations on dissociative disorders/the impact of pre-verbal trauma.

For more information on her other work training social service professionals and organizations in anti-racist, trauma-informed care, visit


Shea Lowery, LPC,MA
Clinical Supervisor

Shea is a white, queer trauma therapist living in Philadelphia, PA and working across coasts. Shea specializes in providing anti-racist, trauma informed clinical supervision for counseling and marriage and family interns working towards licensure. Shea has a long history of working with system-bound youth, particularly young people in child welfare services and juvenile justice systems. She uses embodied methods of trauma healing including EMDR and yoga, as well as art therapy. Shea's caseload is fully telehealth-based, and Shea has a high level of expertise in creating a safe therapeutic space across the internet. When not supervising staff at TA, Shea is a clinical supervisor at Family Ties Counseling Center and a co-director and co-founder of artic LLC.