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All of the clinicians at TA are part of the practice for a few reasons: They recognize the need for culturally resonant and relevant practice, they actively center the margins (take up more space the more marginalized identities they hold and take up less space the fewer marginalized identities they hold), and are passionate about continuing to grow their expertise in trauma treatment every day they practice.

This is the work we do here at TA.

We look forward to doing it with you.


Practice Management


Rebecca Davis,MA, MSW, LiCSWA, SEP (she/her) Founder + Owner

Rebecca is a biracial (Black and Indigenous), queer trauma therapist living and working in Portland, OR. In the past, she has worked primarily with foster youth and their families, and survivors of childhood sexual abuse/assault. She uses Somatic Experiencing (TM), EMDR, and drama therapy to support her clients in healing. When out of her office, Rebecca is presenting at conferences and hosting workshops across the country both individually and through artic LLC, supporting future social workers as a full time professor at Portland State University, and providing consultations on dissociative disorders/the impact of pre-verbal trauma. She also runs a drama therapy training institute in Developmental Transformations, called DvT PDX. www.dvtpdx.com

Rebecca is not accepting new clients at this time, and her waitlist is closed. Please see the other clinicians on our wonderful staff for skilled support.


Shea Lowery, MS, LPC, LCADC, ACS (she/her)
Clinical Supervisor 

Shea is a white, queer trauma therapist living in Philadelphia, PA and working across coasts. Shea specializes in providing anti-racist, trauma informed clinical supervision for counseling and marriage and family interns working towards licensure. Shea has a long history of working with system-bound youth, particularly young people in child welfare services and juvenile justice systems. She uses embodied methods of trauma healing including EMDR and yoga, as well as art therapy. Shea's caseload is fully telehealth-based, and Shea has a high level of expertise in creating a safe therapeutic space across the internet.


When not supervising staff at TA, Shea is a clinical supervisor at Family Ties Counseling Center and a co-director and co-founder of artic LLC.


While Shea is not currently accepting therapy clients at TA, she is available for new supervisees for both individual and group supervision towards LPC and LMFT licensure. 

Clinical Staff

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Minnie Blackman, MSW, LSW (she/her)

Minnie is a Licensed Social Worker with a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Rutgers University. Minnie is passionate about healing work and is inspired by the resilience and the capacity for healing she has found in the folks she has had the privilege of working with. Minnie has experience working with individuals, groups, and families seeking support for trauma-related issues, anxiety disorders, LGBTQIA issues, substance use, and interpersonal relationship difficulties. Minnie has worked with all ages and a variety of populations, and often employs interventions such as Internal Family Systems, Narrative Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, and Mindfulness skills to empower her clients to meet their personal goals. Minnie believes that investing in the therapeutic relationship and providing safety, consistency, and compassion to her clients are the keys to growth and transformation. Minnie prides herself on her capacity to have collaborative, mutually respectful, and at times silly, relationships with her clients, colleagues and friends. Minnie is an art lover, and enjoys drawing and painting in her free time.

**Minnie is available to see clients in New Jersey.

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Ka'Rita Eddings (she/her), MSW Counseling Intern, graduation June 2022

Ka’ Rita Eddings is a Black first-generation graduate student intern pursuing a master’s in mental health counseling with an addictions specialization at Lewis & Clark College. She identifies as temporarily able-bodied, neurodiverse, and cisgender. She received her bachelor’s degree in Clinical and Behavioral Neuroscience from Drury University in Springfield, Missouri, which allows her to connect behavioral neuroscience and community psychology centering ethno-racial identity and transgenerational trauma.


When working with Ka’ Rita, you are inspired to reclaim your power and take the time to honor yourself, your body, voice, and experiences. She works to educate herself regarding the distinctive intricacies of trauma manifested among BIPOC at all intersections and strives to provide supportive care as an ally. This is your opportunity to finally have the space to speak your truth and to express yourself truly and authentically.

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Holly Wigmore (she/her), MS, LAC R7646

I believe that you are the expert on your own experiences. As a counselor, I think of myself as a fellow traveler journeying alongside you on your unique path of self-exploration. I have a backpack of supplies for us to get there but you are ultimately the guide to where we want to go in our work together. I come to the field of mental health with an eclectic background as a theater artist and educator which informs my therapeutic approach. I deeply value collaboration and approaching the counseling relationship with authenticity and a nonjudgmental attitude. I provide mental health services to individual adults and couples looking to resolve unsatisfying patterns.


Counseling can be an integral tool to improve the way we live our lives and engage in our most important relationships.

My work is dedicated to including anti-racist, anti-oppressive, anti-heterosexist, anti-fat biases, and trauma-informed practices. As an able-bodied white cishet counselor, I see my privileges as a responsibility to continually consider how my identities and experiences interact with folx that I work with.

My clinical approach is rooted in interpersonal and emotionally focused theories that seek to explore why and how we show up in relationships with others. Some of the interventions I utilize are Internal Family Systems, Family Systems, Emotion-Focused, Gestalt, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and somatic interventions. When I am not working as a counselor, I love cooking, listening to podcasts, and spending time with my cats. I am an avid pickle enthusiast.

Mahalia sitting with her dog amongst some tulips

Mahalia Lind-Diamond (she/they), Counseling Intern

Mahalia is completing their masters in Professional Mental Health Counseling at Lewis and Clark College. With a background in music and a long history of working with people in various roles, they believe that counseling can be a place of creativity, where healing can happen in infinite ways. Mahalia strongly believes that so much can be healed through relationship and strives to create a space where you can feel safe expressing yourself authentically. They believe that isolation comes with the culture of individualism and white supremacy that we live within, which greatly inhibits people’s ability to heal. They strive to help people find healing through connection while living in a society that uses systems of oppression to keep us separate. They believe that you are the expert of your own experience, and approach therapy collaboratively. While therapy is unique to each client, Mahalia often incorporates interventions from psychodynamic, emotional focused, and somatic therapies. Mahalia is white, genderqueer, and temporarily able-bodied. 


When they are not working or in class, Mahalia enjoys playing music and walking their dog, Oliver. They regularly cook dinner with friends, and try to spend time outside and exploring the abundant wonders of nature.

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