Rebecca provides trainings and workshops for individuals looking to improve their skills in engaging with clients with a significant trauma background.

Past workshop titles include:

 - - Trauma Informed Care in Higher Education - - 

- - Trauma Focused Psychotherapy - - 

- - The DSM and Diagnosing - -

 - - The Intersection of Race and Trauma - - 

 - - Introduction to Drama Therapy - - 

 - - Trauma Focused Drama Therapy - - 

 - - Clinical Writing for Arts Based Interventions - - 

For more information regarding anti-racist trauma-informed care trainings, please visit the artic LLC website here.

For more information about DvT PDX, a drama therapy training institute here in Portland, email

To learn more about upcoming Trauma Centered Psychotherapy trainings and certification, reach out.

Reach out to request a bespoke training for your organization or practice. 

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